Thrive in Style

Thrive in Style

Having a small boutique means it can be difficult for shoppers to know the shop exists. We opened in December of 2019, and were closed down 3 1/2 months later because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Talk about DIFFICULT! We had just gained some traction, people were coming out to shop as spring was in the air, and we were gaining followers.

Life after the shut downs for a small, new boutique has been interesting. Getting apparel in has been challenging, because some brands closed down, some cut many lines from production, and lower staffing caused delays in shipping and in production. We saw many back order updates and cancellations of product.ย 

Things have slowly come back and we are seeing an increase in foot traffic and online shopping. While large corporates thrived easily, we learned quickly to pivot, to convert to online ordering and offer local delivery. As part of sharing our store with our community, we are doing a style show (aka fashion show)! We are super excited to partner with Wine Social in Richland for an evening of bubbles, boutique style and benefit to the Boys and Girls Club.ย 

The VIP spots are sold out, there are a few seats left to purchase. This is our coming out party! Come celebrate and Thrive in Style!

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