The Right Pairing Is Easy With The Right People

The Right Pairing Is Easy With The Right People

Preparing for a Style Show/Fashion Show has been so much fun! Of course working the with right people makes all the difference! Reka Robinson, Founder of Single You Academy has stepped in and assisted with the marketing through social media lives and video clips. This week, Marc Newman, Founder of Wine Social came by and we tasted a few different sparking wines and a champagne. He also taught us how to saber a bottle of Champagne, which Aubrey did like a pro!

Wine and Fashion go hand in hand, because both should be approached with a willingness to try new things as well as a mindset of fun! Wine is unique to each palate as style is unique to each individual. From denim to lace, casual to professional and everything in between, we have the apparel you need to create a beautiful ensemble. At Wine Social, Marc has the knowledge and expertise to pair you with your perfect wine, whether it's white or red, sweet or dry.ย

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