Lights! Camera! Showtime!

Lights! Camera! Showtime!

We put on our Inaugural Spring Fashion show in May this year. For us, it's not only about showing off the tops, dresses, shorts, slacks, tanks and tees we stock, but also about showing off the local professionals who are GREAT at what they do! 

As well, the model's are all local business owners or entrepreneurs who inspire others they meet to greatness. It's important to lift up and shine a light on those who not only inspire, but also motivate those they meet. 

Each of us has our own style and way of life, and when we bring together our unique abilities and style, we have the potential to create beautiful things. Diversity in style is expressed through the way we dress, and the way we dress affects the way we carry ourselves. It's important to wear what you love and feel good in, so you can be the best version of you! When we look good, we feel good... when we feel good we do good! 

Get out there and let your light shine!

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