Finding the Right Fit

Finding the Right Fit

We opened this boutique in December of 2019, right before the pandemic that shut down the world occurred. It's already incredibly difficult to start a new brand, a new store, in a new location... and then add to it a worldwide pandemic that shut everything down, just as we were beginning. 

We started with a brand called Joules, they originate from the U.K. It's a brand that is of superior quality, it has the look and feel we are working to create, and at affordable prices. The menswear was my personal favorite in the shop; it's classy, well made, and unique to any other brand. There's details Joules puts into their brand, that isn't typical to many U.S. brands. Long story short, Joules really had to pare down production due to the pandemic, and we can no longer stock their men's line (insert sad face), for the time being they are staying mainly within the U.K. 

As we began to search for a new menswear brand to stock, I saw an ad for Mizzen+Main and fell in love! The apparel is classy, it has a very coastal feel, while still being professional. As well, they have a line within the brand dedicated to golf style apparel. This was perfect!! We love our outdoor living on or near the water, golf is a huge part of the local community where d. lynne's boutique is located, and the materials of the clothing are like none other around! Next step was building a relationship with Mizzen+Main and establishing our wholesale account. 

I had a video call with one of the representatives with Mizzen+Main, and the relationship between the two brands made perfect sense! Our tag line at d. lynne's boutique is "Life on the Water', and Mizzen+Main is a sailing term. So, it was decided that we would begin to put an order together and introduce the menswear to our community. At this time, we are the only shop in Eastern Washington to stock this brand, and we are proud of that!!

From the look of each item that comes in, to the feel and the fit, Mizzen+Main is the perfect transition for our menswear in the boutique. 

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